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Your Wedding Month Has Meaning!

Your Wedding Month Has Meaning!

Yes, there are certain meanings. To each of them. Let’s learn what the month you said your vows actually says about the kind of future you’ll have and what it says about your life as a couple in general! With a little help from thesun.co.uk, of course.

January for the Faithful

It seems those who are married under this month are the more faithful ones. The couples who were married under this month have suffered less divorce due to adultery.

February for the Thriftiest

Not only is this month going to make spending for the wedding cheaper, it also signifies couples who are serious about the relationship they’re in. There is a selfless sort of responsibility here for each other.

March for the Domesticated

For the homely folk who like theirs surprises to happen, whether they be good or bad. The couples who marry on this month are the type to speakingtree says that those who marry on this month are a bit on the arguing-all-time side though.

April for the Adventurous

The ones married on this month are the spontaneous types. Whether that can be a good thing or a bad thing, it’s up to you.

May for the Randiest

It seems that couples marrying on this month have the highest sexual drive. That’s fine and all, however, it is also important to mix it up in the bedroom and outside that.

June for the Caring

Since this month is influenced by the Zodiac Cancer, it is know that most of the couples will be spending their lives loving each other and taking good care of the love that blossomed between them.

July for the Blessed

This month is known to be influenced by the Leo. Your marriage will be blessed with a long-life. There is also fondness for luxury here.

August for the Desiring

The couples marrying on this month have the biggest desire to breed. Apparently. They want to make big families that they can take care and love until they die.

September for the Free-Spirited

The free-spirited ones on this month choose to wed in the untraditional way. Because they are the open-minded types, fights rarely happen between these couples.

October for the Passionate

Their passion for the things they love doing is the most important for them so they aren’t much in a rush to really start a family yet. The sex for these couples are amazing and they treasure each other the most too.

November for the Happiest

Contentment is what I could describe the couples on this month’s weddings. They are happy with what they have and don’t really care about what other people think of them and their choices. As long as they’re happy about their own decision, then that’s all that matters.

December for the Romantic

Getting a Christmas wedding is the epitome of sentimentality and warmth. It’s no wonder my own parents got married on this month.