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Why You Should Pick Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Why You Should Pick Rose Gold Wedding Rings

It’s not that rose gold hasn’t been in this world back then. It actually existed WAY back over the years. It’s been in fashion and then out on sporadic events throughout the years but because of the iPhone mimicking it too on their phones, it’s gotten amazingly out of hand.

You see rose gold everywhere now. From gadgets to jewellery. It doesn’t really surprise us that it’s become a beautiful fashion accessory these day. And you see them incorporated into engagement rings and wedding rings too.

And here is why you should get rose gold wedding rings.

Shades of Rose

Because rose gold is basically gold mixed with copper, depending on the amount of copper you put in, you can tweak the shade of rose you want in the metal. From soft and romantic pink to rich golden pink. They are lustrous either way and still contains gold, making it precious and just as durable. They are great for matching and pairing up with different coloured gems if you so wish for your ring to be adorned by them. The best is that they look really amazing on warm skin, complementing it completely.


Since it isn’t 100% made of gold, it makes it affordable and achievable for those couples who can’t afford the yellow or white golden ones. Why would you go for the typical yellow or white, anyway? They’re boring, unlike rose gold that screams fashion and beauty. It’s also a more romantic colour and makes the wearer look sweeter. And if that means you can afford it far better than the other alternatives, then this makes this precious metal just all the more sweet.

Works with Different Styles

Because of how trendy and fashionable this is, it’s no surprise that it’s perfect for any kind of styles and matches with a lot of gems or coloured diamonds if you wish to pair them. You can make it a vintage style ring or even a more modern take yet it will still look absolutely amazing. That’s what’s great about rose gold. It looks beautiful no matter what style you chose for it to be. Some metals don’t get to have this power because of how tradition their colour is, rose gold is more flexible in this sense.


Okay, it’s not ALL perfect. For example, rose gold can cause allergies for some people. Since it’s both copper AND gold, there might be some allergic reactions to some because of that. If you know what you’re allergic to, you might need to take a closer look on it before you pick rose gold. If all else fails, go for the hypoallergenic type of metal band for your wedding rings.

It’s also not for everyone and some skin tones don’t match it very well. Some people just prefer the regular white gold or the yellow gold, and that’s perfectly fine.