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Using Gemstones in an Engagement Ring

Using Gemstones in an Engagement Ring

For many, many couples all across the world, engagement rings are particularly important pieces of jewellery. They can symbolise love that goes far beyond a simple crush. They can also show how your partner expresses his or her love for you. Usually, the most notable part about an engagement ring is what adorns the ring itself. Engagement rings are known for having more intricate designs than wedding rings, which means that you should take this opportunity to choose a gem that will really make your partner happy to see. The question is which gem you should choose.

How Do You Choose a Gemstone?

There are a few different paths that you could go down when you are choosing a gemstone. One of the most simple and most efficient methods is to get a gemstone that is your partner’s favourite colour. For instance, if your partner’s favourite colour is a deep green, then you might want to consider getting an engagement ring with a deep green gemstone in it, such as tourmaline or emerald. If you and your partner have different favourite colours, you might want to settle on a middle ground. If your partner prefers light blues and you prefer the dark blues, consider getting a middle blue such as an opal.

Another thing that places such as AE Design Jewellery can do is birthstone gems in an engagement ring. However, there are only a few birthstone gems available so you might want to err on the side of caution with this. For instance, sapphire can be used for people who are born in the month of September. Aquamarine is typically for March-born people. Tourmaline is used for people who were born in October. Emeralds are used for people who were born in May. Conveniently, diamonds are used for people who were born in April. This means that if your partner was born in the months of March, April, May, September, or October, you can get him or her a birthstone-themed engagement ring.

What Colours Are There?

If you are more interested in a specific colour, you should get a good idea of what options are available. Deep blues are a common colour for engagement rings so there are several versions of those to choose from. There are also a couple greens to choose from as well. A deep pink is also available if your partner prefers to have the colour pink. Yellows, blacks, light pinks, and a light blue are also colours to consider when you are looking at which gemstones will suit your engagement ring best. To best determine the colour, the best thing to do would be to talk to your partner. Otherwise, consider a colour that he or she wears regularly as this might be one of his or her preferred colours to wear.