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Time To Handle That Wedding Anxiety

Time To Handle That Wedding Anxiety

You will finally be united with the one you love. You will be starting a new family and will move up a step in your life. A new chapter, or maybe an entirely new book to the series that is your life. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Some may be really happy and looking forward to it, while other are beyond terrified, despite knowing they will be the person they chose to spend the rest of their life with. Is it commitment issues? Who knows? Let’s see what we can do about that fear.

First thing’s first, anticipate your anxiety

If you’re more aware of the times you get anxious or have panic attacks, it would make it easier for you to handle it later. You could even prevent it from happening if you know before-hand. It won’t be easy but it still is manageable. Besides, it’s not like you will be alone majority of your time, what with planning the wedding and all.

Stop comparing

Doing it on a daily basis about yourself is already a bad thing, don’t do it concerning your wedding either. It is never a good idea to start comparing the wedding you are going to have or just had with other couples. Whether you got invited to them and saw it in person or saw some of them on Twitter or Instagram, just don’t. Never let anybody else do it for you. Don’t listen to the talks of your relative who kept talking about this amazing wedding she attended it. You either tune her out or you change the subject entirely.


You may need to take time away from planning. Take time away from the people involved in it and maybe away from your fiancé too. Another way to deal with wedding anxiety is to be away from all the things concerning for a while if it stresses you out way too much. Have some alone time and do the things that you normally do before the planning started. Make yourself feel single for a moment just to calm yourself down. And then once you’re okay, go back to your fiancé and tell them you love them and that you would deal with all of this just for them.


Know that you’re beautiful and that no matter what you do, you are still going to look extremely amazing on the day of your wedding. If there ever was someone who managed to achieve looking ugly on their own wedding day, we haven’t seen it yet. Some couples have this self-conscious thought of not looking all that great when they finally walk up that aisle. Know that this isn’t true and that you are wonderful. You look ready to stand with the love of your life and you know it.