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Suitable Jewellery For A Beach Wedding

Suitable Jewellery For A Beach Wedding

Getting married on the beach can be a dream wedding for many people and an excellent one for guests to attend. However, you will want more than the perfect scenic beach when you are getting married, and you will want to ensure you look fantastic in your wedding dress on your big day. As well as having a beautiful wedding dress, you will also need the perfect accessories for your outfit, which can help make it pop and make you a beautiful sight to behold.

Below are some of the different types of jewellery that may be perfect for your beach wedding and help you look and feel like a princess when you get married.

A Collar Necklace

Whether you are having a formal or informal wedding on the beach, a collar necklace is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. You can wear this type of necklace with a halter dress, sleeveless dress, or a jewel neckline dress. If it includes diamonds, it can help make your outfit stand out.

A Pearl Necklace

You may also wish to opt for a pearl necklace which is also an excellent choice for a beach wedding as the pearls come from the sea. It is also suitable for wearing a more traditional dress and has an air of sophistication, giving you a timeless classic look to your wedding day outfit. 

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Diamond Stud Earrings

Just like when you’re choosing custom made rings Brisbane jewellers have, it is best to go for the most straightforward option for earrings to wear on your wedding day. A pair of exquisite diamond stud earrings can be the crowning glory for your wedding outfit and finish it off nicely, rather than detract attention from other places. The Diamond Jewellery Studio, for example, has plenty of options of diamond stud earrings that may be perfect for your wedding and can help enhance the looking you want for your wedding dress and accessories.

Teardrop Earrings

If you are wearing a low-cut wedding dress with your hair up, you may wish to choose teardrop earrings for your wedding day. These dangling earrings will attract attention to your ear lobes and can frame your face perfectly. However, you may wish to ensure that they are not too heavy and make your head feel weighted down.

A Tennis Bracelet

You may also wish to include a tennis bracelet for your wedding day outfit, and this can look fantastic as the sunlight catches the light in the diamonds while wearing it. You will also be able to wear this jewellery for any formal event in the future, and whenever you wear it, you will look fabulously stunning. You will want to ensure that it will match your engagement and wedding rings. Be careful with it when you are throwing the bridal bouquet.

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A Cuff Bracelet

Another bracelet you may wish to consider for your wedding is a cuff bracelet, and these are best worn with a sleeveless dress to show off the bracelet. The cuff bracelets are available in various sizes so that you can get thicker and thinner cuffs, depending on your preference. As with a tennis bracelet, ensure that it will match your wedding and engagement rings, or it may clash and make your wedding outfit look off.