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Scams to Avoid When Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Scams to Avoid When Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring for that one special woman you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a challenging experience. Surely, there are probably thousands of diamond engagement rings displayed in jewellery stores all over Sydney. However, there are fraudulent jewellers out there who are ready to pounce and take away your hard-earned cash in exchange of low quality or even fake diamond rings.

So before you start shopping, remember that the most crucial thing that will help you a great deal is equipping yourself with knowledge. That is why you need to master the 4Cs of a diamond. To help you avoid any potential scam, here are some common tricks and scams to watch out for when you shop for diamond engagement rings.

The jeweller insist selling diamonds with a grading that is higher than what is on the GIA certificate

This is a bait to entice customers into believing that the jeweller is selling rare and high quality diamond engagement rings. However, the moment when you ask to see the item for the quoted value, the jeweller will come up with alibis that it has already been sold.

The diamond looks smaller in size although the jeweller insists that it has a bigger carat.

It is crucial for a buyer to know the difference between the carat weight and the total carat weight. If you are looking to buy a 2-carat diamond ring, always remember that it looks way more valuable and bigger than a 1 carat diamond ring.

The diamond does not match the description and there is no return policy

Before you invest in a diamond engagement ring, make sure you have checked and reviewed the shop’s return policy in case you are not happy with the purchase. Some online jewellery store purposely do not offer return policies, because they will send you an item that is much different from what you have purchased online.

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring should not be complicated and stressful. The best way to avoid any potential scam is to work with a jeweller you highly trust. Do you have some more thoughts and ideas to share? Share with us in the comment section!