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Plan Your Own Rose-Themed Wedding!

Plan Your Own Rose-Themed Wedding!

Imagine a wedding themed around a flower meant for love. Imagine that same flower having different kinds of brothers and sisters with different colours surrounding your wedding and beautifying the entire reception. Isn’t that just something? It would be a day worth remembering.

First though, you need to know what kind of roses there are in the world so you know what kind to use for your own rose-themed wedding. Know that roses fall into 7 categories, which are:


Free-flowering and hardy! These are the types of floribunda roses that you ought to know and then consider for your wedding.

  • Julia Child Floribunda Rose
  • Impatient Floribunda Rose
  • Iceberg Floribunda Rose
  • Mardi Gras Floribunda Rose
  • August Seebauer Floribunda Rose
  • Hot Cocoa Floribunda Rose
  • Burgundy Ice Floribunda Rose
  • Viva Floribunda Rose
  • Summer Fashion Floribunda Rose
  • Rhapsody In Blue Floribunda Rose
  • Scentimental Floribunda Rose
  • Sexy Sexy Floribunda Rose
  • Eye Paint Floribunda Rose
  • Monkey Business Floribunda Rose
  • Betty Boop Floribunda Rose

Hybrid Tea

One of the most popular type of roses in the world! They’re a cross between old fashioned tea roses and hybrid perpetual.

  • Veterans Honour Hybrid Tea
  • Friendship Hybrid Tea
  • Midas Touch Hybrid Tea
  • Celebrity Hybrid Tea
  • Tropicana Hybrid Tea
  • Voodoo Hybrid Tea
  • Garden Party Hybrid Tea
  • Purple Passion Hybrid Tea


They are larger versions of hybrid tea roses!

  • All Dressed Up Grandiflora Rose
  • Anna’s Promise Grandiflora Rose
  • Arizona Grandiflora Rose
  • Bliss Grandiflora Rose
  • Chi Ching Grandiflora Rose
  • Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Rose
  • Crazy Love Grandiflora Rose
  • Dick Clark Grandiflora Rose
  • Dream Come True Grandiflora Rose
  • Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Rose

Shrub and Landscape

Shrub roses are the ones that grow along the ground, hence the name.

  • Ballerina
  • Mister Lincoln
  • Peace


These types of roses the kind to climb along the walls, much like bougainvillea flowers!

  • Alba
  • Damask
  • Gallica
  • Hybrid Perpetual
  • Bourbons
  • Moss


Simple and natural beauty, these ones have. They’re the opposite of grandiflora roses since they’re smaller!

  • Alitissimo
  • American Beauty
  • Cecile Brunner
  • Dublin Bay
  • Fourth of July
  • Iceberg
  • Royal Sunset
  • Souvenir de la Malmaison
  • Westerland


Also known as Rose Standards. They’re created by getting long cane roses and planting them into the ground, which makes them look like little trees. If you’re going to plan a rose-themed wedding, then you better have at least one of these by the altar!

A little disclaimer, there are just so many more roses out there, of all different colours and types. Some are natural and some have become man-made. All of them are beautiful and each of them can become great addition to your bouquet. To fully commit to the rose-theme, make your bouquet a combination of all the kinds of roses that have been listed here, without adding anything else. Roses have different colours already, there is no use to using the other flowers, no matter how tempting it can be.