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Ideas For Men’s Attire For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Men’s Attire For Beach Weddings

The best thing about having the wedding ceremony at the beach is the fact that it’s more relaxed than the average suit jacket and tie thing that mostly happens in normal weddings. That being said, just because a beach wedding is more laid-back, it doesn’t mean that the men can be slackers, even when it comes to dressing up. The men – the groom included – should bring their A game during the big day. They should still look their best.

Luckily, since this isn’t the type of wedding that requires you to wear a full-body suit, you get to have a lot more choices on what to pick. Here are some ideas for that.

Rolled Up Sleeves & Suspenders

For the warm weather, you would not want to be all sweaty for something like a wedding. Rolled-up button shirts would be a great alternative for the men. If you pair those shirts with suspenders from Wiseguy Suspenders, then you would still have the stylish look while in a somewhat Hawaiian-like atmosphere. It brings a more vintage kind of look to the theme.

Hawaiian Inspiration

For a wedding that also counts as a beach vacation, get the men to wear white shirts and khakis for a more relaxed vibe. Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean you can’t be laid-back about it. It makes the whole experience just as sweet if you forgo the normal and get married like you were at a luau.

Hats And Bow Ties

The sunny weather makes for amazing shots when photos are finally taken. However, catching the groom or one of his groomsmen squinting at the cameraman isn’t flattering for a photo. Let them wear hats and finish the look off with bow ties and suspenders for casual wear. It’s a unique look for a wedding and you’re giving a nod towards the 40’s up to the 60’s.

Flip Flops

A beach wedding means there’s going to be sand, a lot of sand, and it isn’t comfortable nor ideal to have sand in your shoes. Have the men wear flip flops instead so that when everything is all over, they wouldn’t be grouchy about having sand inside their shoes and socks. Flip flops made of leather would be a better option if you were wondering about what kind to get, just make sure it matches the clothes the men are wearing. There’s no point in wearing something that doesn’t even match the whole look.

Complementary Styles

Expect the bride to be wearing something equally summery, as she should. She will most likely be wearing a sundress, and if she does so, then the groom should not match it with a tuxedo. He should go for the navy look, especially if she chooses to wear a mermaid dress. The wedding is a celebration of the couple finally becoming one so they should match during the big day.

Beach weddings are getting popular. Make the big day absolutely wonderful and take advantage of the beautiful views by taking lots of photos!