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Hairstyle Choices For The Lovely Bride!

Hairstyle Choices For The Lovely Bride!

Your hair is what makes you feel gorgeous on a special night. Depending on how you style it and leave it, it would have an effect of confidence or the opposite, if not done right. It’s why us girls always have trouble with hair and have what they call a “Bad Hair Day” because our hair makes us feel great.

Never have a bad hair day on a wedding, even if you aren’t the bride. Do your hair up in these wonderful hairstyles that fit the occasion.

  • Romantic up-do with a crown of roses
  • Classic low chignon
  • Simple, twisted chignon
  • Elegant, vintage-style curls
  • Long, smooth curls
  • Glamorous, twisted up-do
  • Half-up, half-down waterfall braid with daisies
  • Tousled half-up, half-down with braids
  • Romantic, low ponytail
  • Totally natural curls
  • Effortless fishtail braid
  • Sweeping low bun
  • Loose waves with a peach flower crown
  • Glossy ponytail with bangs
  • Asymmetrical twisted up-do
  • Regal up-do with a jewel crown
  • Curly bob with bangs
  • Pixie cut with a flower crown
  • Short bob with a middle part
  • Curly short up-do
  • Pixie cut with a beaded headband
  • Wavy bob with jewelled flower crown
  • Beachy bob with a flower crown
  • Piecey bob with bangs
  • Half-up, half-down bob with flowers
  • Piecey pulled-back look
  • Curly lob with a beaded headband
  • Soft curled lob
  • Loose wavy bob with side part

Of course, the accessories are totally up to you. Although for the most part, I personally think that flower crowns are the way to go, since they symbolise natural beauty. Or maybe braiding some beautiful white or peach flowers into your hair would be a better bet. Don’t colour your hair though. Natural colour is perfect for an event such as a wedding.

The key is to match the hairstyle with your dress. Personally, having your hair braided loosely and then adding in a flower crown plus some gems clipped into the hair would be gorgeous. Makes the bride look more like a goddess, with flowers in her hair. It also gives the bride a sort of young look, making her look even more beautiful than they already are.

Then another suggestion would be the whimsical wavy up-do. Completing it with bohemian flowers gives off a head-turning effect too. Just one of the suggestions in mywedding.

Then, to make it sweeter, doing a side-bun capping it off with some vintage-style flowers to keep the hair up would be perfect too. It has the same effect as the milkmaid braids, especially if you braid in some beautiful white flowers, giving off a sweet innocent look.

Whatever you plan to do with your hairstyle, just make sure you add in some flowers. It’s a little bias of me to say that, but you have to admit that putting flowers in your hair is not only stylish, but also makes the wearer feel confident, beautiful and free. That’s the magic of flowers.