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Diamond Cut that Matches Your Style

Diamond Cut that Matches Your Style

You can hardly believe that the man of your dreams has finally proposed a marriage to you. You are still drunk with the thought that you will be spending every waking moment with him and that you will start to build a family with him. However, there are certain important things you have to prioritise like planning your marriage, looking for the perfect wedding location where you and your soon to be husband will say your vows in front of your families and friends, and find the perfect diamond wedding rings. Surely there are a lot of jewellers who sell diamond wedding rings, but make sure to find a jeweller whom you can trust.

Although diamonds are the best iconic symbol for eternal love, did you know that certain diamond cuts say a lot about the woman wearing it

• Round

The round diamond is perfect for brides who consider themselves to be classic and traditional who eludes classy elegance. This woman has a sentimental quality about herself.

• Princess

The square shaped diamond with an array of complex facets is best suited for a modern bride who is trendy and lively. This woman is often physically beautiful, determined, and has a creative mind.

• Emerald

This rectangular shaped diamond with long and lean facets is perfect for women who considered themselves confident, glamorous yet strong and bold.

• Cushion

This square cut diamond with round corners is best for a fashionable and romantic woman who adores antique and vintage look.

• Oval

The oval cut diamond is excellent for a sophisticated, elegant and demure bride. She often original and does not follow any fashion trends.

• Marquise

This football shaped diamond is perfect for a modern, out-going and classy woman. Such woman is considered unique. She creates her own standards and does not live within the rules.

• Pear

The pear shaped diamond is the excellent choice for brides who considered themselves romantic, independent and adventurous.

• Radiant

This sparkling square shaped diamond with trimmed corners is perfect for a fun and flirty woman who exudes high level of self-confidence.

• Heart

The heart shaped diamond is often preferred by woman who considered themselves sentimental and hopeless romantic.

• Asscher

This striking square shaped diamond is an excellent choice for a unique and elegant woman who has a strong taste for vintage styles.

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