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Custom Wedding Rings and Diamond Cuts

Custom Wedding Rings and Diamond Cuts

To a man, a diamond cut can be a tricky thing. We would really like to impress our fiancée with the most sparkly diamond bauble our money can buy –but where on earth do we begin? A cushion is something on a sofa, and a princess is the lady we’re marrying.

Or, so we thought. No, sir. They are also diamond cuts! I wrote this little guide to help my fellow men navigate the complicated diamond market –so whether you’re picking up an engagement ring or sparkling diamond earrings, this guide will make it a little bit easier on you.

Never Ending Cuts and Designs

A jeweller that is qualified to design and manipulate the world’s trendiest gem stone cuts and styles is always busy because there are simply so many custom options available when searching for diamond rings.

There are a whole range of custom cuts and diamond shapes on the market, and some of our customer’s favourites include the marquise diamond cut, the radiant diamond cut, the princess diamond cut, the round diamond cut, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, and of course, the heart diamond cut.

Generally speaking, the majority of women out there are seeking the most authentic and brightly shining diamond jewellery baubles. And since the sparkle potential is greatly dictated by the cut you select for your diamond, we whole heartedly suggest diamond cuts for wedding or engagement rings that are triangular or kite shaped.

A step cut precious gemstone does not shine as brightly as a brilliant cut, but time in place, right? All good things come to those who wait.

Variety and Elegance

If something that shines as vividly and bright as a maximum brilliance diamond is a bar you would like to work towards, start off your marital jewelry journey with a step-cut diamond stone, or perhaps even a mixed cut diamond stone.

Step cut diamonds are best known for their sloped appearance, bearing 4 facets cut below the setting’s table. These 4 facets run parallel to the girdle which will hold the diamond in its place.

Traditionally, step cuts have fewer facets than other precious gemstone cuts, such as the brilliant cut diamond.

Step cut diamonds come in a variety of looks ranging from the emerald diamond cut all the way over to the asscher diamond cut which is a popular choice for contemporary engagement rings.

On the other side of the spectrum, attributes from multiple diamond cuts can be combined into a mixed diamond cut. It is quite popular for engagement ring seekers to select precious gemstones that possess some key design attributes from brilliant cut and step cut diamonds.

A handful of examples of mixed cut gemstones might include the old mine diamond, cushion diamond, and the rose diamond cuts.

Diamond cuts are able to transform any diamond into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If you do a little research in advance and talk with your partner, you’re guaranteed to choose the ring that will bring the most impact to your special moment.