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Brief Introduction To Eternity Bands – Why Do We Buy Them?

Brief Introduction To Eternity Bands – Why Do We Buy Them?

Love, they say, is a many splendored thing, a country with its own climate, a contradiction even as it is so hard to find and yet so easy to lose, which is why everything about love is worth celebrating. Not everyone finds everlasting love, and not everyone gets the chance to make that love last. Therefore, for a couple who have promised to stick together through thick and thin, through sickness and health, for richer and poorer, celebrating love with a ring doesn’t have to stop in the wedding ceremony. After the engagement rings, followed by the wedding bands, we now have the eternity ring, which is also identified as the infinity ring.

An eternity ring is a band made of a precious metal adorned with gemstones, given by the husband to his wife. “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going,” was the slogan diamond merchant De Beers used to market the diamond eternity ring in the 1960s.  While the ring symbolises never-ending love, it is also given to commemorate a milestone, such as an anniversary or after the birth of their child, as the ring also represents the eternal circle of life.

The ancient Egyptians may have started the eternity ring concept, by using this piece as a token of both eternal love and life. The eternal rings in the olden times were ordinary circle of metal – precious or not – and were decorated with stones on the top half or on the entire circumference. There were also eternity rings mimicking the image of a snake gobbling its own tail.

As time passed, the eternity rings are now being given for just about any reason. There is now no right or wrong answer for when to give eternity rings. Gone are the laid down rules and conventions. Every very special happening between husband and wife is now worth marking with an eternity ring.

Where do you wear the eternity ring – on what finger? Your left hand’s ring finger will always be the perfect spot for rings. However, if you are already wearing a wedding and engagement ring on it, you can put your eternity ring on your right hand’s ring finger. A visit to the Anania Family Jewellers Sydney shop should guide you on the best way to wear your ring.

There are different types of eternity rings, depending on the diamond setting you prefer. Do you want the gems to adorn the entire circumference? Do you want only three-quarters of the circle to be covered by gemstones, or do you want the gems to go halfway around the ring? Do you want diamonds, or do you want other gemstones? If you don’t want diamonds, you can have a look at sapphires and rubies, for example.

Just like the settings and gemstones used, the metal used for the eternity ring is also based on personal preference. Bands can come in gold, sterling silver, and platinum, among many others.

Rings can mean a lot of things, and the meanings may differ from one person to another. What matters most is the reason behind the celebration or the reason behind the gifting of the ring, and what better reason is there than the most precious gift and the most valued thing in the world that even money cannot buy – love!