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5 Engagement Ring Designs That Don’t Include Diamonds

5 Engagement Ring Designs That Don’t Include Diamonds

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, yet that isn’t always the case; believe it or not, there are women who would rather have other precious stones in their engagement ring and in this article, we offer a few design ideas for engagement rings that do not contain diamonds.

  1. Three Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring – A large central sapphire with two smaller sapphires on both sides with a platinum band makes for a truly unique ring for the sapphire lover. Vivid blue sapphires can be acquired as loose stones by the custom jeweller and you choose the design and setting, of course. Having an engagement ring made by a custom jeweller is no more expensive than a regular ring and if you are skipping the diamonds, you can afford top-notch sapphires that are deep blue in colour, sourced by an established wholesaler.
  • Aquamarine Solitaire Ring – If you love aquamarine, or it is your birthstone, why not commission the ring by a leading custom jeweller? A prong setting would be ideal, with a bluey-green natural stone and a rose gold or platinum band. There are jewellers who hand-craft custom coloured gemstone rings in Brisbane or even in your city, and they can source loose aquamarine stones at trade prices.
  • Emerald Cut Emerald – For those who love emeralds, a large stone using the emerald cut produces a stunning engagement ring and with a suitable setting, the large precious stone is held firmly in place. Yellow gold is the perfect metal for the band, as this contrasts well with the green emerald. The custom jeweller can show you some stunning images of premium emeralds, plus he can source loose stones at wholesale prices.
  • Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring – A single red ruby set in rose gold is ideal for the romantic and by talking to a custom jeweller, you can acquire a fancy red stone and have it cut to your liking; square, round or oval are really popular with this style. Rubies are second only to diamonds on the hardness scale and a large ruby would be much cheaper than an equivalent diamond. Some stones are a deep red colour that is very striking and blends well with rose or yellow gold.
  • Tanzanite & Amethyst Cluster – A superb design with two colours that merge into one. A tanzanite central stone with a cluster of amethysts makes for a stunning engagement ring, with a platinum band, which does not tarnish. If you have yet to make your mind up regarding which stones to include in your engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller, who has a great collection, all at trade prices.

Not all girls regard diamonds as their best friends and in such a case, there are so many other attractive precious stones that come together to create a stunning symbol of your undying love. Contact a leading natural gemstone custom jeweller in your area and let the expert show you what is possible, without using diamonds!